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IUHealth.org is Indiana’s largest healthcare system. We (Trendyminds) maintain their marketing site. Which contains a catalog of providers, locations, and health services. Working as a backend developer for this project my main responsibilities were fetching, storing, and sending data to various platforms. 


We send provider and location data to Yext, a third party service that configures Google My Business entities, Apple Business Connect, and is used to generate jsonLD data for SEO purposes. This data we send helps over 4000 physicians and healthcare locations show up in Google/Apple maps which can be critical for users get to their appointment on time. These listings generate approximately 50,000 clicks on driving directions per month!

Algolia Search

This site uses Algolia for its search related functionality like “Find a Doc“ and “Find a Location”. We sync the data from Craft to the Algolia Index, as well as running a node based webcrawler for the general search page.


We used Playwright for end to end tests and Pest Unit tests to employ test driven development ideology.