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Explore my projects. I have some solo freelance projects, and some team projects to browse below.

Craft CMS

Outreachsupplies.org v2

Outreachsupplies.org v2 This is my most impressive site to date. This site allows clinics statewide to order HIV tests and harm prevention supplies using their yearly allotment of state funding. Product Funding Products can have multiple funding sources with access.

Craft CMS


Working as a backend developer for this project my main responsibilities were fetching, storing, and sending data to various platforms. Yext We send provider and location data to Yext, a third party service that configures Google My Business entities, Apple Business Connect, and is used to generate jsonLD data for SEO purposes.



This site is used by clinics statewide to order HIV tests and harm prevention supplies using funding from awards and grants.

Craft CMS


Management Guide Slide show guide was created detailing GymMaster usage for managers.

Craft CMS


The site displays upcoming events, has subscription email campaign lists with an MMJL email builder, and a Craft Commerce store.

Craft CMS

733 N Capitol

Hero Video & Photography Used a drone to capture video used for an appealing homepage video.



Tiling-Patterns.com AI generated patterns for free. Uses Algolia for search experience. Algolia Search Uses the Instantsearch.js library and Algolia indexes to power the search page Statamic This site was created to test out the Statamic CMS which is built on top of the popular Laravel PHP frameworks. Stable Diffusion I’m using Stable Diffusion and the Automatic1111 UI to create repeatable tiling images.

Craft CMS


SEO & Performance Site scores top marks in SEO and Performance categories using lighthouse tests.



Indy Fuel Partnered with Indy Fuel Hockey Team and Almost4Minds to create a simple website and setup a ticketing system for their event.

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