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Outreachsupplies.org v2

This is my most impressive site to date. This site allows clinics statewide to order HIV tests and harm prevention supplies using their yearly allotment of state funding. Built with Craft Commerce on the Craft CMS platform.

Funding Sources

A single account can have access to multiple funding sources with a different set of products. Previously, separate accounts were required for a single healthcare facility with multiple funding sources.

Product Funding

Products can have multiple funding sources with access. Purchasing from either funding source pulls from the same stock quantity. Previous to this functionality it was extremely difficult for the shipping company to keep stock of items available between the multiple funding sources.

Logging and Monitoring

Using NewRelic for error monitoring and optimizing slow functions.

Status Page

Status page is connected to New Relic alerts and will trigger issues automatically.

Custom Reports

The client can run several different reports using the admin panel. The reports are sent to the Craft queue as jobs for processing and they can download these as a csv file in another view.

Mgmt & User Guides

I created instructions detailing how to create products, manage users, and generate reports. On the flip side I also created instructions for new users to help them start ordering from the site without confusion.


The client needed a way to issue credits vs dollar amounts. This was tricky but to achieve this I created a custom currency type called CRD/Credits and allow  products priced in credits. This also allows vouchers to be assigned using the same CRD currency type.